Industry 4.0, is the current industrial revolution, consists of the digitalization of industrial processes through the interaction of artificial intelligence with machines and the optimization of resources focused on the creation of effective commercial methodologies. We have specialized projects in the latest existing technology with renewables to improve telecommunications companies to service companies.


This revolution is marked by the emergence of new technologies such as robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, nanotechnology and the Internet of Things (IoT), among others. Organizations must identify the technologies that best meet their needs to invest in them. If companies do not understand the changes and opportunities that Industry 4.0 brings, they run the risk of losing market share.

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IoT and Innovation

That is why and much more that Unicorgreen aware of the dynamics opens this window that accesses new businesses, in tune with the wave of innovation present day by day in our world and that poses important challenges for all companies. In contact / coordination with investment companies interested in increasing and improving their Portfolio with Technologies for Industry 4.0, we offer the best platform to our investors meet developers of these technologies. .

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