Unicor  Foundation

The Unicor Foundation is a private non-profit public services organization created to contribute and provide effective management aids and solutions to sectors of the population with serious social and energy deficiencies worldwide.

In a situation and environment of permanent changes and new difficulties, the poorest sectors need to adapt and improve to be increasingly effective and sustainable.

Thanks to our work around the world, we have been able to see and know first hand how many people are left without water, electricity, education and well-being simply because they cannot financially achieve these fundamental rights.


Our mission with this foundation is that donations and part of our profits as a company help create a much more sustainable and independent world and support these people wherever they are.


We are open to listen to anyone who wants to contribute something to this monumental project, which fills us with satisfaction.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

CEO  – Maribel Suárez    M: +34 645 29 73 64
PJM  – Andrea Teruel    M: +34 698 90 53 05
CLO  –  Karla Lemoine  M: +54 9 11 37969959

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